Cyberculture Research Project

Introduction The following progress report on my research into the politics and ideologies of data visualisation, begins with a brief overview of my academic, scholarly and industry-relevant research and includes concise summaries of arguments to be shared in related DICG335 projects. I am a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate student, majoring in sociology and minoring in design.  Questions of politics and ideology, broad public [...]


Data Visualisation in Cyberspace: Some characteristics and sociological concerns

Overview The following report is an analysis of the cyber culture of data visualisation (DV or dataviz). This topic will be explored from four major premises of a subject undertaken at the University of Wollongong in 2017. The first of these arguments will maintain that there is significant authority of governments, bureaucracies and big corporations [...]

A Journey Home

The attached audiovisual is thematically inspired by Lyon's poem Where I'm From. In preparing this work, research was conducted on conventional cinematic language and experimental forms of media. The first few media clips function to convey a journey home. The associated diegetic sound contains a political theme at odds with the notion of belonging.  The author [...]

Where I’m From in Sound

Project Statement This piece was inspired by Lyon's poem Where I'm From.  The process of capturing the sounds of the people, places, objects and events that speak of my origins was as follows. I conducted listening exercises and collected sound as spot recordings, ambient noises and voices from the places that speak to me of home. In developing a conceptual approach,  I envisioned a performative [...]

Where I’m From

The attached silent video comprises a series of footage shots comprising the rules of Remoscope. It was structured to be my own version of Lyon’s popular poem, ‘Where I’m From.' Accordingly, in following Lyon's intentions and methods of construction, I was an expert of my own identity. With a focus on process rather than assignment brief, I video-circumnavigated the block of my childhood to present. The resultant linear [...]