A Journey Home

The attached audiovisual is thematically inspired by Lyon’s poem Where I’m From. In preparing this work, research was conducted on conventional cinematic language and experimental forms of media.

The first few media clips function to convey a journey home. The associated diegetic sound contains a political theme at odds with the notion of belonging.  The author meant to convey  a metaphorical sense of journeying forwards by this in applying an experimental reverse effect to a blaring scene of passing traffic.  A swish pan was then employed to simulate transition to a peaceful and welcoming destination. The scene opened on a family gathering and birthday celebration.  The role of non-diegetic audio in this scene was intended to be a response to and elaboration upon, the lead actor’s expressed emotions at the absense of a family member.  This theme song ‘Be Happy Now’ was continued in a subsequent dance scene, revealing the subject of the lead actor’s longing.  Here, Eisenstein’s methods of montage were employed by manipulating rhythm and tempo to convey meaning and express emotions.  The final two scenes were constructed to provide closure to the scene.

This piece was intended to convey a sense of place in sharp contrast with the precipitating intellectual concept of alienation introduced by the Trump commentary that preceded the swish pan, conveying notions of warmth and belonging at the heart of identity.




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